Hello! I'm Alican.

I am a Software Engineer based in London, UK.

I recently built Bastion, a customasible, open-source Backend-as-a-Service that gets deployed to the cloud with AWS.

Below you can find some more information about me and my work.

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More About Me

I focus on the design and implementation of scalable and secure distributed systems. I like solving problems by developing tools for others and working on technical challenges.

I have extensive experience with AWS. I also have multiple years of experience with full-stack applications and backend database development.

I am proficient with JavaScript, Ruby (and Rails), React, Go and Docker.

Bastion is a customasible, open-source Backend-as-a-Service that simplifies application development for front-end developers. It achieves this by providing backend services like user authentication, database persistence, file storage, cloud-code functions through an API.

Bastion allows you to create and manage multiple backends. This way you and your team can prototype client-facing applications with ease.

An easy-to-use CLI that abstracts away the complexity of configuring your VPC, networking components and deployment of your administrator application.

Using the administrator application, you can create and manage your backend servers, API keys, cloud-code functions and the data of your individual backend servers.

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Other Projects


Request Pool

A Request Bin-like application for collecting and inspecting HTTP requests and webhooks.

Built with: Express, React, Redux, Go, go-cron, MongoDB


Hop Timer

A benchmarking gem that works as a wrapper for Ruby’s default benchmark utility. It is developed to provide a more intuitive alternative for benchmark users.

It uses check points and evaluates the runtime between two.



A full-stack productivity application that allows users to manage lists and cards.

Built with: Express, React, Redux, MongoDB



A dashboard application that displays top Twitter trends for the 26 major cities in the UK. It allows registered users to fetch the recent data from TwitterAPI.

Built with: Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, BCrypt, GoogleCharts, ERB.